The last thing that a homeowner wants to do in a wind, rain, snow, or ice storm is to go outside and try to position a portable generator and get it started. The easiest option is to place the portable generator in the correct position. Our electricians at Nalset Electrical Services will install the necessary wiring to make sure the system is safe and installed to meet all building code requirements.

There are several steps involved in connecting a generator to a home. The type of generator and the number of electric devices in the house the generator must power in the event of a power outage is critical to consider. For most homes, a portable generator is a cost-effective, practical solution. It is can also be used in the shop or for working on the property if you need a portable power source.

Setting The Foundation

As with any type of equipment, placing the generator on solid foundation help to avoid problems with the operation and life cycle of the generator. At Nalset Electrical Services, we take the time to create the pad by clearing the area of any vegetation, bushes, or other material.

Next, we add about three inches of crushed rock and then cement to create a pad to place the generator. This is done in a location that provides easy access with the cables and wiring to the main breaker box. We install a transfer switch between the generator and the breaker box to meet all safety and building code requirements. This transfer switch is required as a safety precaution. It prevents damage when the power comes back on by switching to the main power from the generator and vice versa when the main power is off.

It is important to have your generator connected to your home by an experienced, licensed electrician. Unfortunately, homeowners who attempt this as a do-it-yourself project can find they did not use the correct wiring and system. This can result in the potential for someone getting hurt, fires, or electrical system power surges that result in costly repairs.

The last step in the process, and one our electricians always do, is to check to ensure the generator powers the required system in the home if the power goes out. This is easy to do by simulating a power outage after we install the system. We will verifying everything needed is up and running.

To schedule a generator hook up to your home or to talk about adding a generator to your house, call us at 445-888-0458.